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Catslide is a fun, effective and complete form of exercise which provides fast results.
If you want to order larger quantities or have any questions, please contact us directly.

English-speaking customers ordering to a norwegian delivery address, must go to the norwegian store to make the purchase in order for the norwegian tax (VAT) to be added correctly. Orders to norwegian addresses that does not include VAT will be rejected. Please go to the norwegian shop.

If you live in Switzerland, please go to our Swiss partner Fitagon GmbH.

If you live in Germany or Austria, please contant our German partner SNM Sport Nutrition & more GmbH – Perform Better

If you live in Denmark, please go to Catslide Danmark.

When updating the shopping cart, be sure to select your country and tap the calculate-button to add the correct shipping rate!

Choose from different varieties:

Catslide mats

The package consists of four Catslide mats.. More »

Training program DVD

The DVD contains eight different exercises that can be performed by everyone… More »

Training package

This package contains one set of Catslide mats combined with a DVD…. More »

Family Workout DVD

Make your whole family join in on a workout. Use this DVD as… Les mer »

Catslide course 1 day

Choose between basic and advanced course: More »

Catslide course 2 days

Take both courses at the same time… More »

Training program DVD


The DVD contains eight different exercises that can be performed by everyone. You can adjust the length of you workout by repeating the exercises for a 15 minute, 20 minute or 30 minute workout - it's entirely up to you. The video explains how you easily can adjust the exercises to  make them easier or harder.

Simple, effective with immediate results!

Note: The exercises are showed visually, the verbal instructions are in Norwegian and texted in English.

Postage and packing is not included in the price.


Price: NOK 159.00

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