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At the fitness centre

Catslide is currently offered at a number of fitness centres throughout Norway and we are constantly expanding by associating with new collaborating centres.

Strength training with high pulse

Catslide group fitness is a compound exercise routine that challenges the whole body. The whole of the muscular system is challenged to the maximum, as well as maintaining a high pulse. You receive a double effect: Catslide is a strength-training session which also affects condition and increases fat burning. We use the mats where they are most effective. The routine is also inspired by various forms of training that make high demands of strength, balance and body control.

30-45-55 minutes

The Catslide group fitness concept is available in pre-choreographed 30-40-55-minute versions. Considerable emphasis is placed on the choice of music as this influence performance and provides energy. A Catslide session challenges your strength. We have placed focus on individual mastery and development in order to ensure that each individual experiences the maximum effect from the exercise.

If you would like Catslide at your fitness centre, contact us on post@catslide.no