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Catslide courses that makes you a Catslide professional.

The courses  are 8 hour’s courses, and deals with the essential principles within Catslide training, exercises and technique. Going through the important techniques so that all instructors feel competent to correct and help participants during their training. This creates an experience of mastery for the instructor and the participant. .

State-of-the-art instructor training and education .
We offer two Catslide courses: Catslide Level 1 and Catslide Level 2.


Catslide Level 1 introduces you to the basic Catslide exercises which forms the basis for the trademarked Catslide group exercise programs.
You learn the basic techniques and how to regulate the level of difficulty and increase the intensity level once you become stronger.
Emphasis is put on coaching and ability to communicate and motivate.
This allows you to teach Catslide to your clients in a safe and instructive way. A part of the course will focus on use of music as a tool to provide a session with energy and atmosphere.

This 1-day course (8 hours) certifies you to teach pre-choreographed Catslide group excercises.


Catslide Level 2  focuses on Catslide used as a tool for personal trainers and use in small groups. With the basic Catslide exercises as a starting point we introduce Catslide exercises used in combination with PT-bands, elastic bands and other familiar tools from the gym.
Catslide has become a popular tool within schools and athletic teams. You will learn how to organise Catslide sessions for children and youth in a fun and playful way. You will also be introduced to Catslide Circuit, a station based session and learn how to arrange this intense and effective session.
The main focus of this course is to increase the competence of instructors and trainers to enable them to further expand the areas of use for Catslide.

Catslide Levle 2 requires that you have gone through the Catslide Basic certification, Level 1. Catslide Level 2 is a 1-day course (7 hours).