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About Catslide

The fitness concept Catslide is a functional, intensive and effective exercise technique. This form of exercise has long been used by professional athletes and we have developed it further making it available to the majority.

Catslide is principally designed as an effective strength-training workout however you also experience the added benefit of a cardio workout in addition.  Catslide predominantly targets the core muscles, but is also involved in total body fitness

All you need is 4 Catslide mats and a slippery floor. You use your own body as leverage and resistance. You can regulate the level of difficulty depending on the distance you slide from the centre of your body. The further you slide, the harder it is.

You can easily increase the intensity level once you become stronger. You will be surprised at how quickly you notice results.

The Catslide mats are easily portable and can be transported all over the place, so why not add them to your fitness bag when you go to the gym? Then you can incorporate these exercises into your strength-training program. You can also easily put the mats into your suitcase, so why not set aside 15 minutes whilst you are on a business trip or on holiday?